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Why Organic

The Importance of being Organic

Located close to the to ocean, Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing folks spend everyday hearing, smelling, seeing and being part of the sea.

The power and beauty of our Pacific Ocean challenge us to brew the best Organic beer we can. Not only is it a stunning place to live, it's also a place that needs to be protected; its a National Marine Sanctuary.That's why we brew in a way that honors and protects our natural resources.

As brewers and beer people, we draw inspiration from the beauty of our environment and strive to brew ales that reflect our feelings for this place. We chose to be organic because we want to do our part to take care of our ecosystem.

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Founded in 2004, Hops-Meister is a family owned and operated farm in Clearlake, California. Well known for revitalizing two original native California hop varietals back into commercial production, Ivanhoe and Gargoyle. Those two hops are exclusively grown on their Northern California farm. All of the hops we use from Hops-Meister are certified organic and estate grown. 

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Roy Farms

Located in the heart of hop country, Yakima County in Washington, Roy Farms has been growing hops for over a hundred years.              Certified USDA Organic in 2006, Roy Farms provides us with hard to find Organic hop varieties like Citra, Azzaca, and El Dorado. 

Admiral Maltings

Admiral Maltings

 Hand-crafted small batch malt producers in the Bay Area. Admiral Maltings partners with California farmers to source quality, local grain. We use their certified organic malts in our specialty brews.